The Casual Corners Story

Tim Simpson is originally from Kitchener and was introduced to Port Elgin as a young boy by his parents. Tim got involved working as a manager for a local clothing store of the time, “My Jeneration.” Having finesse with fashion and customer service, Tim found his passion would soon become his career. He later opened a store in partnership with his sister under the name “Thread n Fashion.” At around the same time Tim married his high school sweetheart from Kitchener, Betty, and in four years they had 3 children, Jason, Melissa and Jessica.

Casual Corners is a partnership that was created by Tim and Betty Simpson. Betty has always had an eye for fashion and design. Keeping with up to date trends, Betty always brings a fresh approach to any of the businesses that they decide to create. “Changing with the times is the key” Betty explains. “If you’re not always re-inventing yourself you’ll just become old and stale.”

Changes have included many of the successful businesses that have branched off from Casual Corners. These businesses include one location in Sauble Beach, The Garage Clothing Company and Mensch Clothing which was established in 2000.

Mensch is located across the street from Casual Corners downtown Port Elgin. Mensch markets to the hip 25 plus customer, offering clothing that fits the more curvaceous body of a grown women and stylish needs of a well dressed man. Mensch offers everything from casual wear to semi formal attire. The store was created as a spin off of Casual Corners. The idea was to create something for both men and women that wanted the up-to-the-minute looks of today. Keeping in mind that not every women or man has a junior body the buying has been catered to those specifics. This store offers many of the staples that everyone needs to build a fabulous wardrobe. Keeping up with unique novelty pieces really makes this store something special.

The Garage Clothing Company has always been  on top of the latest “must haves.” This cute boutique shop is located in the heart of Sauble Beach. Catering to the trend setters and offering unique pieces of clothing, accessories and footwear unlike anyone else in the area.

The three locations employ over 14 staff all year round along with an additional 25 during the summer.

Many of the young women and men that have worked with us deserve a great big thank you. It is because all your help through the 30 years of business that we still enjoy being a part of the Saugeen Shores/Sauble Beach community. Many of our original employees have their children working for us today.

It is also to our most valuable customers that we send our gratitude. It is you who dictate who we are today and where we are going tomorrow, we thank you for your continued support.

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